Straits Security Application

Our application is a mobile reporting, maintenance tracking and monitoring system which use GPS trackers and Live Image Captures to enable your investigating officers and guards to write incident reports on sites. Imagine you have security teams all over the island, individual team leader would take image captures of the investigation or incidents occurred on site and send report checklist to you via the 3G network. You can sit in the command centre and monitor all these reports coming in through the server.

Each report would send the GPS coordinates of the phone, so you exactly where the incident occurred. Every image capture has a Date and Time stamp, so images cannot be fabricated. Effective actions in event of no acceptance of tasking, late arrival at duty posts, and non timely situation reporting can be executed.

Our digitized reports can be customized to your requirements, so you can simply export and send it to your customer without double entry and hassle.

System is able to calculate the time, the incident is reported by the customer and time your officers investigate the site. Hence customers have no dispute about no action or late action being taken.

Features of Straits Security Application

Benchmark comparison against traditional security clocking systems