24hr Command Centre

The Command Centre has enabled us to establish a vital continuous link between our clients, on-site security personnel and the Management team on 24/7 basis. Our Clients are assured of a definite and reliable means of contact at any time.

The Command Centre has also bridged all communications between our officers on site, especially so during an emergency when reinforcements are required. Officers are also able to report and confirm workforce strength, which enables HQ to deploy replacement officers as and when required.

With an adequately equipped Command Centre, STRAITS is all geared to ensure our clients security needs are always attended to.

24 Hours Command Center:

Security Officers must call the 24 Hour Command Center for any emergency incidents

Tel No.: 6273 8069

Straits Security assures all clients that the Command Centre is on a 24/7 watch.

  • Our facility staffed by personnel charged in commanding, controlling, and coordinating in response to any unusual events.
  • Organized to gather and disseminate planning and operational job.
  • Analyze and process data to perform security and other related tasks.
  • Ensures that service and order is maintained.